Gibsons Italia Review

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Tucked in a corner of downtown Chicago lies the appropriately nicknamed "Gibson's Express"

I was feeling a bit adventorous after a great meeting and found myself near Gibson's Italia.

What can I say? Obviously it's Gibson's so they know what they are doing. Inside everything is tightly packed, if you're at the bar area you have zero breathing room and are constantly bumped. I made my way towards the lounge area where nice comfy sofas await!

"Within 15 minutes I had a Chicago cut steak & peppers sitting in front of me, of which the steak tasted extraordinary!"

Instantly I was greeted by my waitress Monika. She was delightful and got my order right away. Within 15 minutes I had a Chicago cut steak & peppers sitting in front of me, of which the steak tasted extraordinary! It was perfectly seasoned and cooked, no complaints whatsoever. The peppers were pretty meh, only the yellow pepper had any flavor, the rest were a bland mess. The duck Foie Gras butter came cold and was delicious.

Chicago Cut Steak with peppers & Duck Foie Gras

I ordered two Manhattans, the first of which was mixed perfectly, second you could tell was rushed. $15 seems a bit steep, although they give your large portions meant to last throughout the meal. The staff was pretty attentive and made sure I was always okay and had a full glass. I ended the meal properly with a cookie tower which consisted of 3 sets of 3 homemade cookies (all of which were great.)

Cookie Tower

Overall, I'll probably be back after another meeting for the steak. Nothing else really grabbed me, this seemed like the McDonald's of Gibson's.

4 out of 5 stars

Gibsons Italia

233 N Canal St Chicago, IL 60606

b/t Jackson Blvd & Adams St Near West Side

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