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  • Saturday - Becoming a gamer (12PM-4PM)

  • Sunday - Becoming a gamer (12PM-4PM)


Becoming a Gamer (Youtube & Twitch)

When I was a kid I was heavily involved in the competitive gaming community. Being one of the top 10 players in the SOCOM series, Top 3 in Street Fighter Online, etc. As time passed and my career developed I found less time for gaming, going from 8 hour a day sessions to playing a game maybe a couple hours every 6 months. After being ridiculed for no longer being a gamer, I tasked my friend to assign me a game every week and I will keep playing them until I finally am deemed a "Gamer" once again! Join me on my journey as I rediscover my passion for gaming. There will be goofs, gaffs, and plenty of gas as we all explore the unknown together!

King of the Hill (Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Google+)

On my quest to one MILLION gamerscore I'll be making achievement guides as well as tips & tricks! Check them out!

Rogue One (Youtube & Twitch)


An experimental series where I try to solo difficult games that rely on multiple players. Hi-jinks afoot!

Serving the Chicagoland Area

*Delivery also available (fees apply)


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