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  • Saturday - Becoming a gamer (12PM-4PM)

  • Sunday - Becoming a gamer (12PM-4PM)

Gaming Series

Becoming a Gamer (Youtube & Twitch)

When I was a kid I was heavily involved in the competitive gaming community. Being one of the top 10 players in the SOCOM series, Top 3 in Street Fighter Online, etc. As time passed and my career developed I found less time for gaming, going from 8 hour a day sessions to playing a game maybe a couple hours every 6 months. After being ridiculed for no longer being a gamer, I tasked my friend to assign me a game every week and I will keep playing them until I finally am deemed a "Gamer" once again! Join me on my journey as I rediscover my passion for gaming. There will be goofs, gaffs, and plenty of gas as we all explore the unknown together so check out Bonemane!

King of the Hill (Youtube, Twitch, Facebook)

On my quest to one MILLION gamerscore I'll be making achievement guides as well as tips & tricks! Check them out!

Rogue One (Youtube & Twitch)


An experimental series where I try to solo difficult games that rely on multiple players. Hi-jinks afoot!

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