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A new chicken sandwich battle is heating up (featuring Wendy's Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich)

The chicken sandwich wars have escalated & we will continue to report on them.

Wendy's Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich
Wendy's Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich

We live in a world of copycats, especially in the world of food. With Burger King releasing and their Italian Royal chicken sandwich, Burger King's take on the classic chicken parmigiana, it was only a matter of time before others followed suit. The first Challenger up is Wendy's and their new Italian mozzarella sandwich. With it they also have released garlic fries & a peppermint Frosty.

The garlic fries come coated in a nice helping of garlic butter. It's not overpowering, but at the same time slightly disappointing. You do get a strong sense of garlic from the garlic powder and the butter comes at you in waves, but it's just missing that extra step that would take it to the next level such as cheese. One can't help, but think of the shredded parmesan, asiago or the many other types of cheese that could've complemented the fries.

Garlic Fries
Garlic Fries

"At one point I even choked..."

The Italian mozzarella chicken sandwich is a monster. A huge piece of breaded white chicken meat topped with a breaded mozzarella patty of almost equal size. It has just enough red sauce so that it doesn't spill over, but the caveat is that it doesn't leave you with enough to get a good impression of the sauce. This might be a good think as the sauce has sour notes that might not be appealing to some. Beware of taking big bites as the bun is insanely dry. At one point I even choked as the combination of the extremely dry bun, tiny amount of sauce, & huge amounts of mozzarella cheese lodged in my throat. The sandwich itself outperforms attempts by other brands by a decent margin. The crispness of the quality chicken & the mozzarella elevates Wendy's entry above the rest. What holds it back though is the mediocre bun as well as a strange choice of sauce.

On the chicken sandwich I'm a feeling a light

3.5 out of 5 stars


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