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AMD vs. Dickey Settlement & how you can claim damages

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

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Time to dust off those old "Bulldozers"

Back in 2015 Tony Dickey started a lawsuit claiming AMD falsely advertised their Bulldozer line of processors (check out my review.) In it he came to a similar conclusion that I did when using the analyzing the processors in that because of the way AMD has shared resources among the "cores" it results in a decrease in performance. Mr. Dickey went a bit further, claiming that this meant these were not "cores", but instead "sub-processors."

For those that aren't away back when I reviewed the "Bulldozer" line of processors I noted that there were certain hiccups & under performance when compared to just quad core Intel processors which gave a buttery smooth experience. This is due to AMD processor's not having a true multi-core design, resulting in about a 10-20% under performance compared to similar CPUs with better design or what is expected in general of an 8-core 3+ GHz processor. The "Bulldozer" line also suffered from other issues such as being literally ovens, generating an immense amount of heat that could be difficult to tame on 8-core processors like the FX-9590 & the legendary FX-8350. Years later when Intel made the decision to go beyond four cores it blew AMD out of the water with their 6 & 8 core offerings that had a true multi-core design before AMD launched it's "Ryzen" series that took the world by storm.

Those who questioned the legitimacy of the lawsuit & those awaiting the outcome now have their answer since after years of deliberation AMD has agreed to a $12.1 million settlement with 30% going to attorney fees. Initially they proposed a refund of up $300 per CPU, but after the public found out the response was so much they had to lower it to $40. This is not surprising considering $300 for a CPU that was released about a decade ago is tremendous. I myself have 5 CPUs that I'll be filing a claim on (one 8150, two 8350s & two 9590s.)

If you live in California or purchase a processor after visiting AMD's website you are eligible to file a claim. You can only claim 5 CPUs if you don't have proof of purchase. AMD honestly seems to be quite loose with their terms which has most likely lead to why so many people are filing claims. Below are the processors eligible:

  • FX-8120

  • FX-8150

  • FX-8320

  • FX-8350

  • FX-8370

  • FX-9370

  • FX-9590

You can find Tony Dickey's legal complaint here

To submit a claim you can visit the settlement site by clicking here

The process is pretty straight forward. You go to "submit a claim" & once on the claim form fill in all the information then hit submit. You don't need proof of purchases if you're claiming five or less CPUs. It doesn't say whether or not having a proof of purchase guarantees you more money back, but it's doubtful that is the case.

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December 9, 2019 — Deadline for class members to file opt-out requests

December 9, 2019 — Deadline for class members to file objections to the terms of the Settlement

January 3, 2020 — Deadline for class members to submit a Claim

February 20, 2020 at 2 p.m. — Final Fairness Hearing



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