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Logitech debuts G915 & G913 keyboards

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

The wireless successors to the G910 are finally here.

Logitech has released videos showcasing the G915 & G913 which look to be successors to the G910's Orion/Spectrum keyboards. Both showcase a smaller profile with the keyboards taking up much less space with the modern makeover. The sleeker profile looks to come in a brushed aluminum. Both are said to feature Logitech's lightspeed technology with 1ms response times & 30 battery hours. Hopefully these keyboards won't be a victim of the battery bug that currently is associated with the newest G series lightspeed mice where the battery is frequently reported as "low" even after being fully charged.

A notable absence is the ARX Dock Release from the G910 as well as the top 4 G Keys (G6-G9) & wrist rest.

So far Logitech hasn't updated their actual site with info on these new keyboards, but several Youtube videos have been uploaded:

We're also seeing several people who have gotten early hands on experience with the new keyboards (links below:)

The pricing has been rumored to be around $250 which is a major price increase from the $180 G910 (which you can also currently get for $55 used.) Will the addition of Logitech's Lightspeed technology be worth the extra $70? Hopefully we find out as those who managed to get early peeks at the new models start dropping reviews.

What are your thoughts? Don't forget to check out the upcoming G502 Hero & G Pro Wireless Hero reviews that will be featured on the website!

Update 02-15-2021:

The G915 & G913 are the same keyboard. The G913 is simply the name for the G915 in Asian countries. The specifications are exactly the same, there is no difference.



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