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Parson's Chicken & Fish Revisited

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

This place needed a second chance

I'm back in town after a nice two week vacation and I spent the last two days planning what what I was going to eat on my next excursion into that wilderness of Chicago. I really wanted some Home Run Inn, but Parson's is like three blocks down the street from me so I decided to give it another try.

Walking in there was nobody manning the door once again, but one of the staff came over after a few minutes and told me to just sit wherever (maybe it is about time to retire that "Please wait to be seated" sign.) I made sure to come in early afternoon to avoid the skeleton crew that was the night crew last time I was here. There were plenty of servers now, at least double from the last time from what I counted. My order was promptly taken. I mixed it up with some Mac 'N Cheese, 2 Fried Amish Chicken, a fish sandwich with some ginger beer. The guy taking the order explained how their chicken cuts worked so I settled on a breast and thigh.

The wait wasn't nearly as bad as last time. I think it was around 10-15 minutes before my food came out. This time they it was just my food and not everybody in the restaurant's at once, which is most likely why the time was drastically shorter. Everything looked good aside from the chicken which is ironic. The chicken looked more like 2 big hard fried potato croquettes than actual fried chicken.

I started off with the fish sandwich which was very airy. There was definitely a decent cut of fish so you don't feel cheated about the over breading, especially since the fluffy airiness of it doesn't take up much on the plate. It was indeed a mess eating it though. Things were way more flavorful this time around as well, but you still can't help to tell them to just throw on a tomato to make it that much better! Whoever owns this place must HATE tomatoes to the point where they don't even have ketchup. The chips were noticeably not as good as the last time though, a bit too over fried, leaving a bland yet soggy crunch.

On to the chicken! I didn't know what to expect from the pair of balls that sat before me. Opening the thigh I felt sort of cheated as the cut was mostly bone. Still, the seasoning was good, just enough salt to taste. The meat was juicy. Skin was pretty meh. You hard fried the skin a bit too long so it was really tough. The second ball, the breast was perfection. Seasoned was superb, it was very flavorful and juicy. Pulled apart great and the skin was fried just right. There was no rubber chicken this time around since it seems like whoever did it, didn't rush like last time.

Mac N' Cheese ended my night and put me to sleep (in a good way.) I found myself doing a little jig in my seat as I was eating it so you know its good. The macaroni was soaked in a ton of creamy cheese...just the way I like it. The Cheez-It and bacon crumbs was the icing on the cake. I'm writing this review right before I fall into a food coma.

One thing I took away from this visit was that whoever was working that night the last time I was here was either an amateur chef or was in way over their head. The experiences are night and day. Overall, Parson's has redeemed itself in my eyes. The servers kept my drink filled all night and the food got me dancing.

What's holding them back is the prices and the terrible furniture they have in there. The butt numbing child sized stools they have definitely need to be replaced. I had to run out because of the restricted blood flow I received in my legs and butt from sitting there made it painful and uncomfortable.

4 out of 5 stars

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Parson's Chicken & Fish

2952 W Armitage Chicago, IL 60647



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