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GrandChase September 2019 Update

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Hiccups galore

After a tumultuous couple of days I am able to login & check out the new update! September 24th came with a failed update by KOG that left many GrandChase Android users completely unable to play the game as Android didn't publish the update in Google's Play Store. As a result GrandChase's review score dropped from at least 4.5 to 3.7 in a matter of days!


- The Pet expertise system has been removed. Pets are now permanently linked to only one hero & don't require expertise potions to level

- Compensation has been given out to those affected by the update which included an SR Hero Selection Ticket, 500 adventure energy, 11 million gold, 100 Hero Evostones & pet summon tickets in proportion to your pet's expertise level as well as how many potions you had upon the system's removal (244 pet summon tickets were given to me)

- A brand new adventure world storyline, the Underworld, has been added. It introduces several characters "inspired" from popular anime such as Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto, etc.

- Pets can now be purchase for 100 gems in the item shop

- New hero costumes can be purchased from the custom shop

- "Band Stage Theme Skin" has been added as a profile skin purchase via the custom shop

- Dimensional Boss will be revised soon

- New Events (Serin breakthrough, Login event, Level up event, World Boss event, Weekly Battle event)

- New Crest missions


- You can now view hero statistics for PVP

- Weekly PVP rewards now have a mandatory 30 victories in-order to receive full rewards

- New Defense Passive skills (Basic Attack Speed Increase, Shield Increase, Debuff duration to enemy increase, Received Crit damage decrease)

- Under opponents it now shows the amount of rewards you'll receive at max victory


GrandChase Paused Dimensional Chasm Equipment
New Dimensional Chasm equipment has been added

- Hero max level has been increased to 120

- Likability missions have been changed (They've remove those extremely annoying & time consuming Claire's Bible treasure finding missions)

- Awakened SR Heroes can now be sold for Prana

- Hero training levels increased to 280


- Guild mechanics have been tweaked

- Guild wars are now automatic, masters no longer have to manually initiate the war

- When going into guild war menu, a tutorial now pops up every time unless turned off

Bugs Fixed:

- Google's Play Store has been updated so almost all Android users should now be able to login. Compensation has been sent to those affected.

Overall Review:

Another huge update. The pet expertise system wasn't so much removed as it was simplified. The slow expertise system was cumbersome & needlessly complicated the game. The new pet system with just leveling via duplicates is streamlined, allowing players more time to focus on the actual game. Although being "more streamlined" to the KOG dev team means allowing players to buy duplicates via gems effectively making it even more pay to win. KOG continues it's focus on player engagement as well, forcing players to actually participate in PVP to receive weekly rewards.

Overall a standard update. More content is always better & KOG is looks to be going for the most part in the right direction as far as game development. It's unfortunate though that it looks like they're focusing on streamlining the pay to win aspects as well.

*This article is updated as information becomes available

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