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GrandChase July 2019 Major Update

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

The chase becomes more grand

Guild Hall GrandChase
Guild's have been completely revamped

July 24th is here and GrandChase underwent a major overhaul. Here's what it consists of:


- Shops have been reorganized with an entirely new category for exclusive weapons (which are no longer limited to 4/month)

- Tons of menu changes including "Daily", "Weekly", "Events", etc. under the battle tab

- Daily Defender levels have been increased from 9 to 15

- Dimension Raids are now separated into 4 power requirement categories

- Wizard's Labyrinth is now only once a day versus the previous twice a day. The bonus hot time at midnight which granted 1 extra attempt has also been changed

- There is a new "Parley" mode similar to dual raid, but with a live PVP aspect. Both players choose their teams from a randomized set of heroes & may the best team win!

Adventure Mode:

- Auto repeat has returned in adventure mode

- Adventure mode requires tokens to participate in, this was brought in with the return of auto repeat

- The different difficulties in adventure mode and raid dungeons have been streamlined. All progress has been reset with an SR Hero award replacing the previous rewards for full completion. The only challenge modes exist on the last arc (end game)

Dimensional Bosses:

- Dimensional Bosses no longer give out equipment & gold upon defeat. They award dimension matter & guild points upon instead. This change alone has boosted everyone's participation in dimensional bosses

- Dimensional Bosses summon reward count has been reduced from 5 to 3 daily


- Heroes' max level has increased from 100 to 110

- Awakening heroes doesn't just require shiny materials anymore. It uses a similar system as pet leveling. You can awaken using other heroes and any type of shiny. The cost of this is at higher awakening levels, two +12 duplicate heroes are required to level. Non-duplicate +12 heroes only grant minimal (1-2%) experience towards awakening/transcendence while duplicates grant 50%. Splendid shiny grant 7-15% experience depending on awakening/transcendence level

- Adventure mode now rewards XP to heroes

- Kanavan is now available as a new assault hero

- Hero points have been replaced with hero potions for leveling heroes

- "Likability" enables max awakened characters' stats to be enhanced even more as well as gives you more lore about each character. Each character has a set tasks that need to be completed in-order to increase likability level

- Equipment is now level restricted

- Special sets no longer require common equipment removal tools to unequip (at least for now)

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- Guild has been completely revamped to look more like modern lobbies for games such as "Ragnarok Online" or "Runescape" except your characters aren't able to move around

- Annihilation has been removed from the guild menu to the battle menu under the new "Daily" tab (I always thought it was strange that a singleplayer mode was offered to guilds only)

- Guilds are now able to grant buffs like in other mobile games. These buffs are able to be leveled and as your guild level increases you unlock different buffs

- Guild Bosses no longer award hero points. The award has been replaced with Aernas Three Goddesses' Grace for both participation & defeat

There is a new "Custom" shop where you can purchase a host character costumes & accessories:

- Lobby (main menu) backgrounds and Profile skins (which are ONLY seen where you look at you go to change your avatar) are now purchasable in the shop at $11.99 for backgrounds & $2.99 for profile skins which is just absurd

- With the guild revamp comes the option to purchase guild lobby skins for 5000 gems

- Character costumes & effects are now purchasable (1300 gems for costumes, 700 for accessories/effects.) Premium costumes are only available for $17.99.

- Profile borders are available to purchased at prices ranging from $2.99-$4.99 (keep in mind these basic profile borders, even the animated ones are available for FREE in every other game and platform)

Bugs Fixed:

- Google Play Achievements have been fixed, but everyone's progress in story & trial tower has been reset. This is fine though since it enables you to unlock those sweet rewards (which are even better now) again. Upon logging in I unlocked all the achievements instantly since I am well into the game

Overall Review:

With this update KOG is very ambitious and is definitely in-tune with the players to a degree. They've rewarded free players with an abundance of SR heroes (I luckily drew the new "Lass class burst damage hero" Kanavan on my first free SR reward.) Several updates bring the game up to the standards of top mobile games while others are intended to boost player participation in certain modes (which was severely lacking.) They've clearly attempted to mitigate the "pay to win" aspect to a degree using the same strategy as other mobile games which is "throw huge rewards at players to keep them happy." Adventure mode has been streamlined and feels a lot more rewarding. Going through trial tower again I ended up with well over 60 million gold in rewards which is insane compared to the previous rewards. In the descriptive text for the lobby skins it indicates that there might be a PC version coming out as well! I feel better about recommending, but again be cautious as it is clearly pay to win!

*This article is updated as information becomes available

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