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Fiverr Launches New Gaming Section

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Oh boy...

Fiverr Gaming fake provider
One of the most likely fake accounts in the gaming section

I recently revisited Fiverr after they launched their new "gaming" section. It was estimated to be pretty bad, but exceeded estimations in how bad it would be. The section is plagued by stolen profile images of beautiful women & is essentially an "escort page for gaming."

Charges range from $15-$300 per hour co-op gaming session. Reviews range from disturbing to sad with men writing bad reviews for women who refuse to do a Japanese "kawaii" voice while others lament about how lonely they are & how they are willing to spend thousands of dollars for more time with their "preferred girl." There are also a few men who are selling their time as well, one being a "dad gamer" offering his services.



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