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Wesley Snipes crowdfunds new graphic novel "The Exiled"

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

wesley snipes the exiled kickstarter
The Kickstarter for "The Exiled" is already off to a successful start

In a similar vein to Lance Briggs & Kyle Higgins' graphic novel titled "The Trap", a futuristic inner city crime drama centered around a young man named Jaylen Robinson which launched crowdfunding on September 2020, Wesley Snipes has paired up with writer Adam Lawson in-order to launch "The Exiled." The graphic novel stars Niles "Roach" Washington, a detective, as he pursues a mysterious serial killer. The 140-page story looks to be dark, gritty & full of gore with a horror theme full of monstrous entities including the detective himself.

The project, which started with a humble funding goal of only $20,000, smashed through that very goal within the first few hours. By the end of the first day the campaign had crowdfunded over $90k on the Kickstarter campaign. The graphic novel has several goodies including secret codes inside of it that will unlock digital goods, an oversized hardcover version, a large 6 inch figurine (unpainted,) The campaign also features a 48-page prequel novel called "Exiled: The Forgotten Wars" that is set a thousand years earlier & a "Go" version of the Exiled graphic novel that is much smaller with a greyscale manga theme. Backers with big wallets can get a boxed deluxe set that includes signed copies with their name on the inside cover as well as a signed ashcan for $500 while those few with deep pockets can pay $1200 to actually be drawn into the book.

the exiled graphic novel set
All three "The Exiled" graphic novels as featured on Kickstarter

Stretch goals include a trading card set with each card unlocked at $30k intervals starting at $35k.

You can get your hand on Wesley Snipes' "The Exiled" by going here

Update - 06/23/2022 1:00PM CST

A new stretch goal has been revealed after backers unlocked the last trading card. The new stretch goal is a metal bookmark that features Detective Roach in the rain on the front with the exiled symbol on the back.

Update - 07/14/2022 8:54AM CST

More stretch goals have been unlocked since The Exiled campaign has now reached $120k crowd funding. This includes the previously mentioned metal bookmark & a new trading card featuring the character Dora Washington. The next stretch goal is $130k which will unlock the Detective Roach trading card.

*This story will be updated as it develops

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