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UPS Store Review (Surprise, AZ)

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Sometimes you can do everything right and it still goes wrong

Usually I don't post reviews for stores like this on the website, but the service here was absolutely horrendous. Dropped off a package to be shipped next day air to Chicago here. They held onto the package for absolutely no reason for 7 days. They didn't even tell us they were doing so or that there were some discrepancy with the package. After an investigation UPS found the package at the store and they returned it to our warehouse which is located less than 2 MILES away from the store and charged us another $30 on top of initially REFUSING to refund the $75 paid for a crucial next day air shipment that NEVER WAS SHIPPED. How does shipping a package 2 miles equal $30?!?!?!

We ended up being charged $105 for a $75 package that never got delivered.

They claimed "hazardous material" since we marked the package as such because it was a small tablet with a battery. The thing is, for individual items like computers UPS doesn't even require small batteries inside them to be marked and shipped as hazardous materials...they just ship them. The package was declared as hazardous material with a small lithium ion battery simply as a professional courtesy towards UPS (also because it's standard to simply mark packages containing batteries as such so ISSUES SUCH AS THE ONE WE EXPERIENCED DON'T ARISE DURING SHIPPING!)  UPS got rid of it's "no shipping batteries policy" years ago! So the STORE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW UPS' OWN POLICIES! UPS billing was even baffled because everybody knows you don't get charged for returned to sender shipments, especially not on the return trip back, but we got charged anyway.

We ended up being charged $105 for a $75 package that never got delivered. Ended up mailing next day air via USPS (Post Office.) The Post Office asked ZERO question, shipped the same tablet, packaged exactly the same, for a third of the price with NO ISSUES. 3+ months later we're still fighting UPS about these charges on our account. UPS' billing department is currently trying to fix the ridiculous charges that we received. The manager here needs to take accountability for the terrible service here and an investigation needs to be launched into the shady business practices.

1 out of 5 stars

The UPS Store

15508 W Bell Rd Ste 101 Surprise, AZ 85374



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