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Little Mel's Hot Dogs Revisited

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Holy Hell

little mel's hot dog entrance
Little Mel's is snuggled next to the California Blue Line stop

Against my better judgement I stopped here after getting off the train. It seems to be back to the old "Little Mel" again, but this time they accept all cards.

The place is still a dive, even worse than before. Walking in you're greeted by the presumed owner at the register. I was looking for pizza & noticed they didn't have any in the display case. Thinking they were going to make it fresh I ordered a slice & a double cheeseburger. Then...I noticed what looked to be most likely really old pizza on a single tray in the back of the kitchen. "No way they are going to try & serve me that" I thought to myself since the reason it was most likely back there is because it had been sitting out all day and/or night without anybody touching it so they "retired" it.

little mel's sausage pizza slice
A very old sausage slice

My order was ready in under 10 minutes. While I was waiting I got a chance to look around & immediately became disgusted. Old gum, used napkins, empty straw cases were on the floor (it looked like they had been there awhile) & the floor was dirty in itself. Unfazed by the mess, the owner didn't even attempt to clean any of it. In the corner of the "benches" was a major spiderweb which caused me to just pack up my food & run out the place. After leaving I noticed baby spiders crawling all over me.

As far as the food it is decently priced, but average at best. The pizza was hard as a brick from sitting out all day, but could have been enjoyable fresh. The double cheese burger was bland with a hint of American cheese. The best part were the fries which were knock off McDonald's fries (the only thing missing is the high salt content.)

Little Mel's double cheeseburger
The double cheese burger

If that was the condition of the front end, I can't even begin to fathom how dirty the kitchen is. I totally see why this place doesn't get much business & it's safe to say I'm never going back here again.

1 out of 5 stars

Little Mel’s Hot Dogs

2205 N California Ave

Chicago, IL 60647

b/t Lyndale St & Palmer St

Logan Square


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