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Game Developers please Do This! (DDOT)

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

This is a list of improvements suggestions that I keep as I play games. This list will be updated regularly. Feedback is appreciated, especially if the developers actually make these suggestions a reality so I can remove them from the list.


GrandChase Main Menu

- Ability to turn on repeat mode in the midst of playing adventure mode levels

- Select reward card before mission starts & the ability to have that reward card keep being selected during once repeat is enabled

- Buff Kyle & Cindy as they are your "pseudo-protagonists" or make the arch-mage they are souls of be a playable SR character

- Lower the prices of cosmetic cash shop items & increase the prices of the "pay2win" items. If people want to break their transcendence seal & ultimately destroy the game they should have to pay upwards of $100, not $45-$50

- Give players the option to skip opponents in PVP. Almost every top mobile game has this option so players don't have to deal with cheese & whales

- Ryan as well as any other hero with a mutation should stun lock or skill cancel any hero caught in their transformation blast radius

- Take away level requirements on skill research. A level 100 player shouldn't have better heroes purely because they have access to more research, especially if you're matching us up in PVP & I'm 20+ levels lower

- Find a way to incorporate individual character controls versus having to control the entire team. If players can split their opponents defense or target individual heroes (like healers) it makes combat much more versatile & deep.

- Be able to set "preferred skills" outside of the normal combat meta. For example if I have Lass & Elesis I should be able to set the AI to use Elesis' "Critical X" over any of Lass' moves when there's 2 skill points available or wait until there's 2 skill points in-order to use Critical X. Right now even though there's some control over skill usage, it's either broken or not fully functional

- Being victorious in all 5 guild boss summons or defeating high level guild bosses should reward a guild buff and/or bonus

- Server chat should cost points to participate in. There's a handful of "chatty" people in server chat and that ruins any screenshots or videos you're working on (I don't know why people use server chat on games as chat rooms all day anyway)

- Give players the ability to change options in-game, not just at the main menus

- There should either be more push notifications about guild wars or give guild leaders/co-masters the option to send push notifications in-order to galvanize the troops for any occasion. This works extremely well in other games. (FEATURE ADDED!)

- Push notifications for guild wars/boss should have less than a 6 hour cooldown - In Claire's Bible healing plates either need to heal a lot more or be reactivated every 5 or 10 rounds rounds & the same goes for buffs (GAME MODE REMOVED)

- Option that allows you to purge friends that haven't logged in for more than 3, 7, 10 days

- For Raid Missions, Mission Details/Tooltips should be shown on pause menu

- Status effects during battle should show tooltips when highlighted and/or in the pause menu

- Better AI. Healers & Mages should automatically keep distance to avoid damage. Right now as it is, even if the enemy does a ton of damage, Lime will do her extra ability & jump into the fray for a most likely instant death. Characters like Elesis are all over the place as well. Elesis constantly uses her skills on enemies far away from the immediate threat which splits the group

- Guild masters should have the ability to schedule guild bosses to be automatically deployed (Ex: Every 8 hours or upon victory on the weekends) (FEATURE ADDED!)

- Guild Bosses should either be 12 hours (guild members are typically in much different timezones like America, Japan, etc.) or custom times should be able to be set between 2-12 hours or time should depend on difficulty (higher difficulty= more time)

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

- Give more freedom to players. Players should be able to put cold water into tea kettles, even plastic bags if they want

- Leaving frozen items out in room temperature or near heat sources should defrost them instead of having to put them in the fridge

- Add built-in client updater with ability to refresh worlds once updates are installed

- You should be able to get water from sinks

Lineage II - Revolution

Lineage 2 Revolution Extraction Pit Griefing Death
Griefing is a staple in Lineage II: Revolution's extraction pit. The guild Eorzea (a Final Fantasy reference) being one of the main offenders

- Fix path finding & auto attacking as it's currently broken

- Lower difficulty of Temporal Rift. Some levels are almost impossible to do without a max level character or whale

- Lower cloak material requirements. 1,000 mats when the quest only gives you 1 & can only be done once a day (unless the devs are "gracious" & allow 4x/day) is ridiculous. This means a minimum of playing everyday for almost AN ENTIRE YEAR to get ONE cloak you like

- Stop with the money grabbing p2p mechanics. Even the shop costumes give you PERMANENT STAT BONUSES WITHOUT YOU EVEN HAVING TO WEAR THEM! Haven't you made enough? That's seriously beyond game breaking. Most people can't even compete because they either

1. Don't play everyday & missed events that had exclusive gear that gave stats

2. Haven't put a ton of money into the game

- Don't force players to buy event costumes by making the costume have an 90% damage reduction on armor & 100% damage increase on weapons tied into the event then going the rather shady route of making the event monsters do insane damage along with having high hp/defense (ie: the Alice in Wonderland event)

- Automatically flag & ban players who use racist/sexist/homophobic terms in chat

- Find a better way to mitigate griefing, especially in the extraction pit where high level players bully lower level players in-order to get the herbs they want. It had calmed down for awhile as the game was dying & the higher level players had maxed out their elixirs so they had no reason to be down there, but once you introduced the new herbs/elixirs the level of griefing has become even worse than before. Dungeons are now filled with high level players instantly killing people who dare even come close to an herb they need or just for fun. Let's not even get into griefing guilds like Ataraxy, Eorzea, Shiva, AZZCLAPPERZ, etc. that terrorize players on the Staris server. These guilds, their neckbeard elitism (which is laughable in a pay to win game), trolling & griefing are one of the reasons players leave the game in droves

- Greater HP/MP Potions need to be a craftable item

- Remove the inventory limit of 600 items

- There needs to be a log or message in chat when someone kills you so you immediate can find out who it was and to report them if need be

- In the Capture the Flag event, capturing the flag should be worth the most points by a considerable margin, not kills. Centering events around kills only continues to push the toxic pay to win environment. You have players turning CTF into a deathmatch because of this. I literally captured the flag 6 times in a match while getting 4 kills, but the player on our team who had the most points was the one who had 15 kills while not capturing the flag even once.

Digimon: ReArise

- Terminate game process, don't have it always running in the background

- Allow friends to be suggested in-order to gain friends quickly

- Get rid of all the loading screens

- Tone down game, there's too much stuff going on at once

- Get actual Digimon & character voices

- Have everything unlocked at the beginning & not by playing well through the story

- Screen rotation is broken. Doesn't seem to work regularly if at all

- Remove the text popups when collecting prizes

Games in General:

- Don't cap guilds/clans at 30-50 members (mobile games are especially guilty of this.) 200 members is fine, but why even have a cap at all? Sure some Youtuber like "Angry Joe's" guild chat might be a nightmare if it had 500+ members, but leave that decision up to them. Case in point in Lineage II: Revolution the "training" guilds have no cap on members yet the guild chat is rarely used at all (mostly by spammers during events who can be easily kicked in a normal guild.) If your servers or game has performance issues because the number of guild members goes from 50 to 100 then that's a failure on the developer's end and better coding should be implemented, not just cop out and limit guild members.



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