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25150 Governors Hwy, University Park, IL 60484, USA


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With Windows 7's life cycle ending in 2020, Norgren was one of the companies that reached out directly to Nizel in-order to complete a long overdue project in 2021. The project consisted of leading & migrating one of Norgren's local offices in University Park, Illinois. It consisted of around 200 machines total. Nizel Co. redefined Norgren's local IT deployment process which consisted of modernizing it, streamlining the process & automating through script development. Norgren went from taking several days to image, configure & deploy machines to just under 5 hours. Norgren's technicians no longer needed to manually configure 90%+ of their applications as the entire process was automated.

Nizel Co. also consulted Norgren on modern IT processes, procedures, security concerns as well as help source new laptops when inventory was low. In the end, hundreds of machines were refreshed & Norgren was left completely satisfied by an excellent job done.

Oct 14, 2021
Norgren Logo
NGR - Windows 10 Migration & Hardware Refresh

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Nizel Adams

Nizel Adams
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