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GrandChase August 2019 Update

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Sun's out Buns out

GrandChase Wizard's Labyrinth Rewards
Wizard's Labyrinth rewards have been exponentially increased

August 21st is here & GrandChase has been updated. Here's what it consists of:


GrandChase August 2019 New Custom Shop Items
New custom shop items have been added

- Annihilation levels have been increased from 20 to 40

- Dimensional Chasm now has a 5th rank category with 878,175 Battle Power Requirements

- Twisted Dimension Rank 4 loot boxes have been added

- Dual Raid has been expanded to rank 5 as well

- Wizard's Labyrinth levels have been increased from 30 to 40

- Wizard's Labyrinth now gives even more rewards (multiple S level heroes per raffle vs. the previous 1 selection ticket)

- Parley mode has been officially removed after not being accessible for the last few weeks

- New custom accessories such as fairy wings have been added to the shop


GrandChase Paused Dimensional Chasm Equipment
New Dimensional Chasm equipment has been added

- Lass' likability has been added (Sieghart was added shortly before)

- Transcendence levels have been increased from 3 to 6 stars

- Level 23 Dimensional Chasm equipment can now be crafted. The equipment is from the "Paused Dimension" and requires a new material, Crystal of Stopped Power to craft. The requirements are 430 Dimension Crystals, 100 Crystal of stopped power & 5 million gold. 50 crystals of stopping power can also be crafted from 300 dimensional crystals.

- Level 23 Dual Raid equipment has also been added. Requirements are the same as dimensional chasm except use dual raid materials (Pledge Mark & the new Mark of Power)


GrandChase Hot Summer Paradise Guild Lobby
A summer themed guild lobby has been added

- New guild lobby available in shops. This time it has a Summer beach theme

Bugs Fixed:

- So far no known bug fixes, but do be aware that a hack has resurfaced that has allowed several players to use skills without cooldowns which the dev team should be working on patching

NordVPN Black woman banner purple background white text

Overall Review:

A very minor update. I'd like to see them do more with the guild lobby aspect & maybe throw in voice chat in the future to make it more like those "social MMOs" like Second Life, Habbo Hotel & the like. Likability is going rather slow as well with the releases. I'd rather they just release them all at once than 1 character every few weeks. Other than that not much to say about this update as most of it is just scaled end game content which high level players like myself need so that the game doesn't feel like a grind. Putting my dev cap on...while it's true that the scaling should have perhaps been there from the beginning, releasing updates slowly like this keeps players interested and gives the illusion that the game is being worked on (also there's the possibility that the devs didn't know things needed to be scaled that high initially.)

*This article is updated as information becomes available

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