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Thermal Paste Replacement - Standard, Diamond or Liquid Metal -

Depending on use, thermal paste can last anywhere from 6 months to 4 years. If your computer is slow or overheating this could be one of the problems as the thermal paste helps reduce heat by absorbing it and letting the fans do the rest! This one uses premium diamond thermal paste for extra heat reduction! Diamond thermal paste is made of REAL diamonds! Liquid Metal available as well!


Liquid Metal is a superior heat transfer material known for greatly improving the efficiency of your heat sink. With liquid metal you can tame the wildest ovens of CPUs.

Thermal Paste Replacement

PriceFrom $10.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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    • Repairs

    1. After initial quote is made, half of payment is due up front in-order to proceed with repairs.

    2. Repairs come with a 30 day warranty (Customer pays for return shipping.) There is no refund on repairs. If the issue resurfaces within 30 days, we will repair it again for free

    3. Customers are not allowed to pick what they to repair if there are multiple issues. For integrity purposes we repair all issues found except for minor cosmetic damage

    4. A Nizel Co. IT consultant reserves the right to deny a repair service for any reason

    5. Shipping is available. A box will be sent to you upon notifying us that you want to ship your machine in (fees apply)

    • Services

    1. Skype session bookings are non-refundable & Non-transferable. Unused sessions do not expire. Feel free to reschedule if you can't make it.

    2. Service hours are non-refundable & Non-transferable. unused hours do not expire

    3. There is no refund on services. If the issue resurfaces within 30 days, we will try a different resolution & fix it again for free. Additional fees apply for subsequent fixes or issues that require a major time investment

    4. A Nizel Co. IT consultant reserves the right to deny a tech support service for any reason

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