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Tips from an engineer for those seeking technical support

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We all run into issues from time to time. Here are some tips that might help you when engaging IT:

1. Asking for an escalation does not mean you will get faster nor better support. At higher levels of IT, support is usually FAR SLOWER since the issues they take on are more complex

2. A manager doesn't need to know anything about the field they're in to be a manager so refer to number 1

3. Trying to circumvent a system only serves to hurt you in the end. If you're complaining about an on-going issue and there's no evidence (i.e. tickets)...well you look just silly complaining about an issue that doesn't exist

4. If you're trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill...we know...and escalation will only result in the person above us putting you on the "whenever" pile because...they know

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5. Asking passive aggressive questions to let the tech know you're questioning their ability to do their job isn't scoring you any brownie points or getting you the help you need

6. If you're going to say you need an escalation, at least know why you need it escalated and explain it competently. If the tech told you what the issue is and why it can't be resolved quickly and you ignore it...good luck 😘

7. The tech knows you're frustrated and the general rule of psychology is friendly people get better service. Also, workplace laws call for a stress free environment which means a tech hanging up on you or treating your terribly doesn't mean they get reprimanded if you were out of line as well. Companies have a right to deny service to problem clients. This even pertains to internal IT which might not result in you outright being denied service, but a note being sent to your manager or HR

8. If you find a good tech, for the love of God let people know, especially management! Too many engineers go with unsung praises. Eventually they either leave or get laid off because nobody is saying anything about them. They get no bonuses, raises, extra benefits whatsoever without your acknowledgement. Being trapped in a dungeon or call center all day dealing with people's issues as well as personality disorders isn't glamorous. Give them something worth coming to work for.

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