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The Freeze (formerly Tastee Freez) Review

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Summer time means the Freeze is on the grind

The Freeze Oreo Freeze
An Oreo Freeze, one of The Freeze's specialties

With Logan Square's change from being a rather rough hispanic area to hipster centric businesses everywhere that overcharge for terrible quality, false "gourmet" food it's rare to see something like this. The Freeze tries valiantly to keep that cheap, dive type of atmosphere that was you & your friends' go to place as kids. Truth be known to all, it still works! From banana splits to the good ol' burger & fries, everything is not only super cheap, but of great quality as well.

The Freeze pick up window
Grab a stool & enjoy yourself

I try to come here every once in a while. The reason I don’t stop by more often is that they don't have any fish, chicken, etc. The interior of the Freeze is quaint, menus cover almost every wall & chalk/markers highlight deals or changing menu items. Since the Freeze is a franchise, everything on the regular menu is good, but the stuff the individual stores have made up themselves could use some work.

Ordering is pretty simple. You order at the window on the right then pick it up at the one on the left (or they just bring it to you, depending on how much they like you). There's picnic tables set up outside while the small, quaint inside only has bar stools set up around the windows. This isn't much my style so usually I just order to go & head home.

"I’m pretty sure the ribs were what was in the glowing suitcase in Pulp Fiction."

This time I decided to try out The Freeze specialty, the soft serve! My ferocious appetite made me tack on a half slab of ribs & a Tastee Burger as well. If you're going to eat here, like I said before stick with the regular menu or any common food you see. Last time I ordered something I know people don't order which is the bleu cheese burger. The cheese tasted awful & chalky since it's most likely been there for a while & they never threw it out.

The ribs caused the order to take 15 minutes longer to make than usual. While I was waiting, I took part in devouring my Oreo Freeze. The dish looked fantastic with huge chunks of Oreos mixed into the vanilla ice cream, but when I tried it my face fell flat in disappointment. The soft serve is nowhere near sweet as normal ice cream or they used some lame artificial sweetener, leaving something to be desired.

The Freeze half-slab of ribs with fries
The ribs are gorgeous

At home I unpacked the rest of the food in anticipation of a major chow session (if I’m going to eat ribs, better behind closed doors where no-one can see.) Opening up the styrofoam box, the ribs looked fantastic on a small bed of fries. I’m pretty sure the ribs were what was in the glowing suitcase in Pulp Fiction. They were tender albeit not fall off the bone tender, but a couple of notches below. The BBQ sauce was lacking in taste & they didn't put nearly enough on it to be really considered “neighborhood BBQ” which shocked me. When you consider the atmosphere the The Freeze goes for, you'd think they'd drench it in sauce. You can tell they don't marinate the meat, but the unseasoned meat is still very good with a homemade touch. Also, where else can you get a half slab of ribs, fries & a drink for 8 bucks?

The Freeze Tastee Burger
For $2.99 you can't beat this

Up next was the a good ol' fashion burger. $2.99 for a fresh burger was a delight & it looked pretty filling. Toppings included lettuce, tomato, onions, & a bit of ketchup on a perfect sesame seed bun. They even included fries which for $2.99 is awesome! Everything went down great, the burger itself was perfection on a bun with the grill marks to match. I've paid $16-$35 for the same meal in a "gourmet" restaurant & The Freeze’s offering was better.

Not only do you save a lot of money at The Freeze, but it harkens back to your childhood & is great for your kids as well. They make huge ice cream cone swirls that you can get dipped in several flavors. The Freeze is a place that let's you know to never count out the old school local restaurants even in a neighborhood that's been taken over by hipsters. This is evident by constant the line out the door during the summer when the Freeze is open as everyone can't wait to try out the food as well as enjoy some nostalgia. I'd recommend everyone to make them part of your life.

4 out of 5 Stars

The Freeze (formerly Tastee Freez)

2815 W Armitage Ave Chicago, IL 60647

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