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Intel i9 9900KS shows up on Amazon & Ebay

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Amazon i9-9900KS CPU Listing
Amazon lists the CPU at $598.99

Those awaiting Intel's i9-9900KS will no longer have to wait. Amazon has officially listed the processor on it's site at the price of $598.99. Taxes bring the processor to around $660 total as evidenced by my pre-order. For those without prime shipping will bring the price up even higher. Amazon lists the processor as being officially in stock on November 9th & has told me the estimated ship date of November 15th has been changed to November 12th.

Ebay i9-9900KS CPU Listing
The i9-9900KS has started showing up on Ebay as well

The processor has also started to be listed on Ebay. The sharks are in full force on both sites as the prices range from $570 to $999. I'd like to warn people about purchasing from higher than retail listings as those processors are not guaranteed to be genuine nor in stock. Most likely those listings are waiting for the processor to be officially in stock themselves & will ship at a later date if at all (some listings appear to be made by new or low review count users which means almost guaranteed scam.)

You can find Amazon's i9-9900KS listing here & Ebay listings here

Review coming up soon!

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