ChefWave 12.6 Quart AirFryer Review

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

An absolutely superb deal

This air-fryer comes with plenty of accessories

This was my first venture into air frying and I was very excited. I thought it was time to retire the old microwave since a mini convection oven would be less dangerous as well as eliminate any radio noise (meaning it won't interrupt bluetooth & wifi signals like microwaves do.)

As I said...lots off accessories

This 12.6 quart air fryer seems like it would be big, but is way smaller and neater than expected which is nice. A plus is that it's only 5lbs so it truly is still portable. Setup was a breeze. All you have to do is slide in the rack and drip tray then you're good to go. It's a snug fit for the racks though and seems like it could potentially scrape metal off into food as you insert/remove accessories (which there are a lot of for the price!)

There are a variety of presets

As far as accessories you get a baking cage for things like french fries as well as a frying basket which I guess would be for larger items like fish. You also get a skewer rack for rotisseries and a normal mesh metal basket. You also get handles for the baskets to load them in and pull them out without burning yourself. All in all a very good deal for the price since other ovens or large air fryers are close to $300 or more and don't even come with all these accessories.

The food comes out perfect every time

I tried out all the accessories using pizza puffs for most and sausages for the skewers. The skewers were a bit hard to handle, they really need to find a way to lock the contraption you put together in place once you assemble it as it easily falls apart. Never the less I got it together and once in the oven they came out perfectly done, almost as if I fried them. They were especially juicy and flavorful as well. The oven is extremely easy to use and for those with the same questions I had, the oven goes up to 430 degrees, NOT just 390 as most of these air fryers say in their description.

Cheese gets a nice browning

The other accessories baked the pizza puffs almost perfectly too. All sides seemed to come out well, nothing was left untouched. I melted some cheese in the oven as well which at high temperatures turns into a perfect golden brown in some parts. There were no weird flavors or anything added by the oven, all in all a fantastic buy for anyone!

5 out of 5 stars

You can find the ChefWave 12.6 Quart Airfryer here:

ChefWave 12.6 Quart Air Fryer, Rotisserie and Dehydrator - Large Capacity 1600W Oil Free Cooker with 16 Presets and Cooking Modes - 8 Accessories

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