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Capital One Removes Credit Consolidation Feature

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

A sudden change leaves customers bewildered

Capital One has suddenly removed the popular and fairly new credit account combination feature. The much sought after feature was added to the delight of customers in 2015. The feature allowed Capital One's customers to choose whatever accounts they wish and combine them into a single account (provided the accounts being closed had a $0 balance.) Customer service reps seem equally confused by the decision and haven't been told any details as to why it was removed nor if it will ever be back. Some customers are disappointed due to not being notified that the consolidation of accounts is no longer allowed.

This is sad news for those Sony Playstation card holders that were looking to finally get rid of their cards as well after the benefits were updated (with many great benefits such as 3x points for fast food being lowered and/or removed completely.)

You can find their cards here:



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